I was born and raised in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada and spent most of my childhood and adolescents in the small town of Fernie (Population. 4,217). I didn't grow up surrounded by pop culture, punk or fashion. I frequented folk music festivals as a child where hippy culture thrived. The only insight I had into my future interests were my dad's David Bowie and Bob Dylan records and any good movie I happened to see at the local theatre. I have always been infatuated with film and music and knew that my future would include these two things heavily.

  I left home immediately after high school and a year later graduated from the Vancouver Film School with a diploma in Film Production. After trying out the bottom rung of the large-budget Hollywood feature film ladder, I decided to take my own path to becoming a Director. I moved to Calgary in 2006 on an offer to edit private ski movies, something that was familiar to me having grown up in Fernie. I began meeting other artists in Calgary, primarily dancers and models, and started shooting and editing my own experimental pieces.

  In 2009 I began a serious journey with music. I was introduced to the garage/punk scene in Calgary, Alberta playing guitar and drums in an all-girl outfit called The Shrapnelles (Hozac Records), as well as building on my Pop sensibilities leading a shoe-gaze band called Gold from 2011-2013. I am currently developing a solo project "Atlas Moon" and continue to work with two good pals on an experimental project called New Friends. Music is my escape. With film, the two have saved my life.